Monday, July 27, 2009

Sparks fly from her fingertips!

Raven hair & ruby lips, sparks fly from her finger tips
Echoed voices in the night, she's a restless spirit on an endless flight...
...She got the moon in her eye!

Recognize that old Eagles song? For our last BBQ in our yard... I just had to try for this pic!!!

Can you name this plant?

Wonder who can recognize this plant & where it is? :)

Can you name this trail?

There are a few pals on Kaua'i who I think could name this trail! :)

Rescue Kaua'i Style

You might not know it, but these rescue units were up in the mountains of Koke'e for a rescue on a trail. I just had to show how they are so prepared for any kind of help. Note the surfboard on top!!!

Paved Paradise

So we had to deliver our last, really the final order, to the museum. We decided to try again to see the Kalalau. My DH even did his cloud parting dance! Alas, it didn't work this time...again.
But we were amazed to see that the old gravel parking lot had been paved! What? Isn't that how the song goes? Paved paradise, put up a parking lot? What next?
But I must say the disabled access is nice.
So, DH tried his dance again....but...
...all I got was a picture of this invasive ginger! Ah, well!

Earbud Holder

Not sure if you've heard of Instructables, but they have wonderful ideas on their site! So the week after I made my iPod protector for the truck, I noticed the trim bag hadn't been packed yet & I had an extra tin! So I made a holder for my earbuds! Yahoo! I made something!

iPod Cover

When your studio is packed, how do you create??? I need to every day or I feel the day is wasted. So, since we're moving, I've only had time to create something once a week. But a week ago & made this iPod protector out of some leftover yarn & a hook I'd kept out! Whew! I made something!!!

Beachcomber's Cuff to it's Owner

I'd saved this Beachcomber's Cuff for a pal who was volunteering in Africa. Well, he got home & I finally was able to sell it to him! I hope he enjoys it forever!

Prayer Basket

We actually do have a prayer basket! And my DH made it! We put all of the prayer requests in here on small post-it notes, then burn them on the full moon. But what to do when we are travelling? DH came up with the idea of taking a picture of it, putting it in an envelope & putting the prayers in the envelope! Then we can burn them at our new home! Yea!

Are we moved yet????

Last week on left...this week on right!
LOTS of breaks!!!
Some more from this week...I think we should leave the rest to the movers!!!

Final Visitors?

So this is my step mom! She & her sister were on a cruise around the islands & stopped for the day to see us, the Kalalau lookout, & Hanalei! The only problem was it had stormed & there was a flood warning out! Yikes! But if anyone could do it, they could!
Above you can see the Waimea canyon.
Above left is a ridge trail that leads to the falls on the right. If you look close, you can see people!
And here's my step mom's sis making sure she got the best pic! On the right is the Waimea Valley. That was the end of our time together. Then they headed on to Hanalei. Wonder if they ever made it!???

Friday, July 10, 2009

Project Bag Problem Solved!

Yahoo! I figured out how to finish this project bag! The crocheted cord I made just didn't slip thru' it well enough. So I decided to find some pretty, yet strong ribbon. And I added a tassel embellishment on the end of the ribbon. It works great! As you can see below, my DH was willing to let me take a pic of him carrying it. (He's so sweet!)
And below you can see how it can attach to a table wherever you want to take it. The strap draws it closed & can also be slung over your arm! Not sure I'll make another one with a knotless netting base, but for sure I will crochet more...maybe different sizes for different projects! Oh, and wait until you see what I'm gonna do with my Grandma's old filet crochet pieces! But that may have to come another time as I'm running out of time here on the island to work! Time is ticking!

Tink is Retiring on Kaua'i!

This is Tinkerbel~my car! She's seen me thru' alot of rough & tumble times as well as some really fun times! But she's decided that she likes it here on Kaua'i & is gonna retire here! I will miss her! But I know she'll find someone who will care for her! Ciao, bella! Enjoy your retirement!

More Hearts!

I am So enjoying making these lavender filled hearts! Since I'm packing up most of my studio, I'm only leaving out bits of things to work with...a special pal gave me the trim on the purple heart below! She wondered what I'd end up doing with it! :) Well, this is one little part of it. I'm using extra bits of beads, sequins, stamped fabric, etc to embellish them with. And then the wonderful smell of lavender fills the room as I fill the hearts. MMMMmmmmm..
Here's another one I made & just finished yesterday at craft day at one of my pal's home. I'd already done most of the embellishing & just had to embroider it together & fill it. If you click on the image on the right, you may be able to see all the tiny seed beads I sewed along the edge of the lace trim. So relaxing! And upcycling of little bits of ephemera! FUN!

June BJP - Moon Rune

I LOVE the moon! So I enjoyed making this moon rune...even tho' if I hadn't predecided colors, I would have chosen different ones than these shown.
The basic meaning of this rune is being aware in the dark. Gypsies called the moon shion which means arms of protection. Early goddesses were associated with the moon. We're talking feminine power here! Expect shifts in focus or mood. It speaks of home, ancestors, female relatives & your personal space. Sometimes you can be taken out of your better senses (being moonstruck) & maybe act a little impractical. The moon has been associated with magick, witchcraft & sorcery...meaning now you have the ability to make positive change. It is also associated with a new cycle, maybe buying a house, having a baby...some form of expansion. In astrology the moon governs imagination & creative expression. It's time to use the moon's intuitive energy. Take your time before taking action. Be calm & take it slow. And pay attention to your dreams!
This was a good one for me to do now as we are moving & intend to buy a home in New Mexico! I'm getting really pumped about it!
The background color I had chosen for this rune is Alexandrite. What a cool stone this is! The most sensational feature about this stone is its surprising ability to change its color. Green or bluish-green in daylight, Alexandrite turns a soft shade of red, purplish-red or raspberry red in incandescent light. This unique optical characteristic makes it one of the most valuable gemstones of all, especially in fine qualities. It changes just like the moon! Might just have to get one of those! Someday!
As always the info on this rune is found in "A Witch's Runes" by, Susan Sheppard.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Independence Day!

What do you see in a blast of fireworks? A pretty explosion?
Colors, forms & shapes?
Fingers or flowers? Branches or blossoms?
Christmas decorations? Dr. Emoto's water crystal experiments?
A white palm tree? A red headed Who from Whoville?
A firecracker plant? Fishermen in your camera range? ;)
A burst of glory?
But now what kinda UFO is this guy? LOL!
Happy Independence Day to all!

Upcycled Experiment Process

OK...below you see the destuffed, cleaned hugables ready to restuff!
And here you see them with their new clean stuffing!
Sewing up the openings...
Ready to be embellished!
And the first embellishment is for Angel, the Amulet for our new home, and a Joy circle for Jolly Mon the Talisman for our new home. Hopefully Jolly Mon will bring us lots of joy, & Angel will give us lots of protection! I can't wait to start beading these guys!!! Yahoo!