Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hurricanes, Tsunamis & Earthquakes...oh, my!

OK...a little late posting this week! Hurricane Flossie decided to scare us, but fizzled out at the end. Then Big Island had an earthquake. Then Peru had their earthquake & the civil defense was called out here for a tsunami warning!!! For all the prep & warning...nada. Zippo. Poof. But better safe than sorry I guess.
So someone said they envied my neat or tidy work space. Well, that's 'cuz I usually only show the small clear spot I bead on. I decided to show what's really around & behind me. Yes, that's a chair full of handmade paper that I have no where to file...and I sure could use the top of that table to work on, but it's a "holding area" for is what's under it! AND completely behind me is a closet I don't dare open for fear all my supplies will come tumbling out! I guess I've just learned to be able to create in the middle of chaos. In fact, sometimes it's the only thing that can keep me calm!!!
Cheers all!


JoTee said...

we are so glad that you all are "safe & sound" nontheless from the hurricane, not fun to worry either.
Your work area looks like organized "chaos" which is good compared to mine, or at least I think so, even though I am going to making my work area smaller to see if I stay more "organzied"...yeah right...nodda goin'to'happen in this life time...hugs from TorC,NM

Lillian said...

Glad you're safe and sound CC :o) Lillian

freebird said...

My brother just got home to Maui on the 10th. Guess there could have been some excitement for his homecoming but well, maybe next time. I like your space. It looks truly busy! A person only has time to make a work station tidy when the creative juices aren't flowing! Hopefully that is never. I'll have to post my workspace.

Kiwi Ellen said...

I'm pleased you're safe in the weird weather we're having - it's all over the world it seems, there were tornados where my Mother lives last month, the first ever in the history of New Zealand!

Ha I laugh at your 'messy' workspace LOL I won't embarrass myself with photos of mine tho LOL I really am trying to de-clutter at the moment so keep your fingers for me crossed that it works >grin<