Saturday, August 4, 2007

July is PAU!

OK...didn't have a chance to post yesterday, but wanted to reinforce those limp stacks anyway! So today I did just that. See here:

They're still a little bent, but that's ok!

Now here is the finished piece. After all the angst I had with the fabric, I couldn't cover it all in the end! I had to leave some, but how much? As I worked, I saw the outline of a bird. That made me think of an old pal who has passed. We called him "The Crow". He thought it was because it was his totem animal. Maybe he just squacked alot. In any case, I saw it & had to leave some color in it too. Can you find it? I have lots of good memories of The Crow in the summer time! :)

Now I'm on to August! I have my motif for the month ready to cut out...but this time NO FABRIC!!! I'm gonna paint the Timtex!!! AND...use rocks! Big ones! :D At least in comparison to this month!

Oh, & pau is "finished" in Hawaiian!

Happy Beading!


JoTee said...

well I just love this piece that you completed, colorful, stylish,!! now I am anxious to see August...must admit that I still have to take a photo of looks pretty good, needs some finishing touches....I have some idea's for August but am not sure how to portray "monsoons" which have arrived & will continue this month...we love the rain

KV said...

Wow, CC!

Amazing stuff -- and that Crow is certainly visible.

Kathy V in NM

heidibeads said...

I found The Crow. What a memory you have made of him for yourself. This piece is awesome. Loved your comment about Viagra - I would have never put it that way before now. Perfect description!! Can't wait to see what August and big rocks brings. Heidi

freebird said...

I do believe I saw the crow. And all the fireworks streaming through the sky. I like your edging too. Yep, now on to August!

Lillian said...

I can see "The Crow" also CC :o)
Love all the texture and colors in your piece-you really put yourself into this piece and it shows! Lillian :o)

Robin said...

Yes, I can see the crow too... and I think it's grand that you left some of the fabric showing as it was so integral to your "journaling" experience for the month. Actually, I'm fascinated by this piece... it's another one I'd like to see and touch in person.


matilda said...

ciao CC, ho sentito della colata lavica del vostro vulcano... tutto bene?
ciao matilda

Judi D said...

Wow, it finished up great! Glad to see you made it, looks awesome.