Friday, August 10, 2007

You'd Think I'd Learn what was my problem last month? Tall, long pointy things!!! Bead stacks!!! So what do I use as a motif for my August BJP? A sun with lots of long, pointy rays!!! AAAaaack! How many times do I have to learn that thread just loves to stick in those kinda things??? Oh, well. At least this one will be faster than last month!!! Plus I'm learning to bead with the project held over my head so that gravity can do it's thing! ;)
Here's the beginning....I decided to paint the motif instead of adding more fabric:

Then I chose the focal rock & other colors I want to use for this month:

If you look really close at the piece of turquoise, you may see what I do...someone sitting down on the ground or a blanket? Maybe Kokopelli? Well, anyway, the nugget reminds me of all the rock hounding trips we took as kids on summer vacations. The person/image reminds me of my pal, Canolli, & I going on our petroglyph trips & telling people we just came to the South West to "sit in the dirt"! :) See if you can find it:

So next I picked some matte Delicas to encase the nugget. Used peyote stitch around it & had a dickens of a time with the last tightening row. The nugget isn't a perfectly shaped cab, but I like things that aren't so perfect! :) So, here is where I'm at now:

CC Spaghetti signing off for the week!


a2susan said...

Just think about all the things you (and everyone else) wouldn't be learning if you didn't try new things. Life would be so boring if we just stuck with what we know. I love your sun, it just radiates energy!

Noor Azlina said...

You've done it again CC! Another brilliant idea! I find it really interesting to see that you made a casing for the nugget :) This is new to me...never seen anything like this before.

heidibeads said...

CC you're my kind of person. I can just imagine you sitting in your chair with the project over your head so the bead spikes won't catch your thread. I actually giggled because I see it and I too would probably do something like that 10 times before I got it. Your're cute! I saw the person on the blanket and thought it was perfect. You did a nice job surrounding it. Thanks for your sharing and for your great sense of humor! Heidi

Lillian said...

CC, you always make me smile-thanks! I'm glad you're doing a "sun", you do brighten our days :o) Lillian

KV said...

CC -- I love hearing about your adventures in beading. I think you are going to be pleasantly surprised at how well this turns out!

Kathy V in NM

nologic said...

Ahhh, a new yoga pose "Beading the Sun".
Your center stone is beautiful. It's going to be fun to see your sun begin to shine. But I am really jealous of the neatness of your work area! Mine is a mess.

Kiwi Ellen said...

Nice job CC & I can understand the frustations with not getting the last row to be nice & tight, been there done that LOL
I find to bezel cabs, it's easier with Czech beads than Delicas then you can choose the narrow ones, that you would normally cull out when doing peyote, to do the last row & that would bring the bezel in tighter around the top of the cab. HTH

I'm looking forward to seeing this piece evolve

CC said...

Hi, all! Sorry I didn't get to all of these wonderful & helpful comments!!! It's been a crazy week! I'm glad some of you can relate to the learning process & how fun it really is...even tho' it can be frustrating too! And, nologic, I posted a couple of pics just for you! ;) Kiwi Ellen, thanks for the tip! I think you all are SO very special!
With aloha, CC
P.S. Heidi, you're cute too! ;D