Friday, September 21, 2007

Is it a journal? Is it a sketchbook?

Hi, all & happy Aloha Friday!
This post is specially for freebird. She commented about journals/sketchbooks, so I thought I'd share my stuff. It's not all neat like it shows in the previous post! :)

Here's a sampling of what I do. That big black "book" (lower left) contains my "morning pages"...the hour I spend getting rid of the "mitote" as suggested in "The Artist's Way". It's just a bunch of words. I go thru' about one every 3 or 4 months. The smaller black moleskin (upper right) is my watercolor sketchbook...the one I showed a couple sketches from in the previous post. Just mostly daily play sketches. The leather journal (lower right) is my life events journal. I paint/journal from the big events in my life in there. But the one I love the most is my "idea" book. It's the small green sketch book (upper left) that I carry with me everywhere! If I get an idea, it goes in there. If I get an address, phone number, receipt, whatever, it goes in there. If I ever get stuck, I go to these books!!! I have 'em lined up on my table & I just browse thru' all the ideas I've saved over the years. It's so nice! I even put a little sketch of a lightbulb by the idea so I can pick it out from the rest of the stuff! :) It's my most messy, loved "book" in the world! It's like that story about the Velveteen Rabbit! So, freebird, I bet your sketchbook is a Velveteen Rabbit that's loved alot!


Nancy said...

Love your journals! I'm going to copy your 'idea journal'. I already do my morning pages and I can't draw, paint our color to save my soul, other wise I'd probably copy your ideas for those as well! :-) You ARE joy-filled girlfriend!


freebird said...

Thanks so much CC. I did one Artist's Way journal and that was the end of that. Perhaps I should rethink that decision. I like your idea book having everything in it. I end up with bits of paper here and there and everywhere. Thanks also, for telling about your rainbow (oh, the days of fresh boxes of crayons!)