Friday, September 14, 2007

Technical Difficulties

This was a week of technical difficulties! Especially on my September BJP piece! After I learned my lesson with markers, I painted another base to start over.

Then I decided to learn from my new "Beading with Cabachons" book. It seemed to work ok, but kinda felt loose to me. So I ended up going thru' each row alot of times!

Then September 11th came and I had to do something. So I added 2 large beads to represent the Twin Towers. But I wanted all the families to be covered in healing blue energy. So I tried to do some netting over it. A new stitch and ALOT of do-overs & pulling out beads & threads.

After this, I was getting nervous. I'm really new to this improvisational thing, but having so many mistakes on one piece was frustrating me. So I decided to get out some big size 6 beads & make a path thru' it all. That was after I did one of those poems Robin talks about in her book! That seems to help me go on to the next step. So here's where I'm at now.

I'm really hoping this turns out ok...especially after this rough start. One day at a time we all move on!
With aloha!


KV said...

It's all going to turn out fine, CC. How could it not with all your wonderful enthusiasm?

Kathy V in NM

madness said...

CC - it's going to be great... and as for your drawings - wow, those are great too - wish I could see them "live" !!!

Noor Azlina said...

Worry not my will turn out great in the end, I'm sure of it!! And my dear you are one multi talented lady...your sketches and watercolor painting are wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing with us! :)

Acey said...

I agree with whatever was said. This will be fabulous when it's done. Do you like that book? I'm thinking of buying it although I don't know when I'll have time to read it and practice ...

Robin said...

kv is right... it will be fine. Keep adding beads you love without trying too hard to "say something" with it. The messages will be revealed. You can do this!

Ron said...

I get to watch the process daily, I am blessed, and am always amazed at what is created. It is a joy to watch a Artist at work and play.

freebird said...

I love your rainbow colors at the top. You mentioned what made you do the other stuff on your page. What made you add this rainbow circle? I haven't tried the improv yet; I think I will get as frustrated as you when I do. Trying something so different is always hard at first. You are doing quite well, keep on keeping on.

CC said...

Thanks all for your encouragement. I sometimes get a little lost when I do this improvisational stuff! I'm used to following rules! Ha! Well, time for that to stop! :)
Acey, the book has some good general info & some inspiring photos. I'm glad I have it in my library, but not sure I'll use it alot. However, that's how I learned to do the beading around this months word charm! :)
And freebird, I did the rainbow 'cuz when I went to grammar school, I'd get a box of crayons every color of the rainbow! They made me happy! Also, this is the time of year to get ready for the pow wow here, so I used beads I got at the pow wow!
I can't wait to try NON improv beading! Ha! :D LOL! But thank you all for your help!
With aloha, CC