Friday, September 21, 2007

Playing with September after all the helpful encouragement, I threw out the rules & just decided to do whatever the heck I wanted! So I played! And it's funny the bits that showed up to go on this month's BJP piece! I didn't even remember that school ephemera! Who knew? So I'm just gonna play all the way until it's done! Here's a pic of it so far:

I know I only have a week left, so I better hop to it! Oh, & in case you can't find it in the comments, freebird, I did the rainbow colors around the word "Dream" 'cuz when I went to grammar school, every year I'd get a big box of crayons every color of the rainbow. I loved 'em! Also, this is the time of year people start getting ready for the pow wow here, so I used beads I got from the pow wow in the rainbow. I'm really not sure what's happening with this one, but I'm just gonna play with it!

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KV said...

Yes! This is turning out wonderfully -- just as I knew it would.

Kathy V in NM (incidentally, if you click your mouse on a name at the top of any post, it will take you to the profile page of that person. There you will either find their email address OR their blog and you can message them.)