Friday, September 7, 2007

Starting Over

OK...I learn by doing. I've practiced using markers on small pieces of Timtex so I'll be ready for the Bead it Forward project. So I decided to do my September page the same way. Well, I thought that if one coat was good for a tiny piece, 3 or 4 coats would be better for a larger piece. So on I went adding all the coats...forgetting to leave a border...and the results were this!

So I decided to wait 24 hours to see if it would dry. Guess what? It didn't!

It looks like next week I'll be starting over...this time I'll use paint or fabric!!! How many lessons are we all learning in this project??? ;)


Lois B said...

...oops! I've had the same problem with markers, even some of the fabric markers, though they, at least, eventually dry. I like to use a fabric paint nowadays, and I give it all night to dry.

The main lessons I've learned on these pages is to actually manage my time better, so I can bead AND have dinner! ;- ) And also, even though it is totally compelling, I must not stay up ALL NIGHT working on a piece. This is a lesson I often ignore though, and pay for it the next couple of days.

KrispiS said...

OOOPS! I have learned that lesson too! The polyester doesn't absorb the marker. You need to use something that will coat the poly and dry and stay! Another lesson learned is if you are using stacks somewhere in your project, do them LAST! Otherwise, EVERY stitch you take, the thread gets tangled in the stacks! LOL!

KV said...

This is quite ironic, CC, because I just had an incident with a line of ink on the Pelltex that I use for backing. Won't do it again, for sure!

Kathy V in NM

Any Smith said...

I used a Sharpie on Stiff Stuff and it dried, but I didn't saturate the fabric. It worked well enough to hide any gaps.

Have you looked at stiff Fun Felt? It's a little thinner and has a little different consistency, but if you're not going to wear the project, I think it works well. It's much less expensive and the best part - it's already dyed!

Thanks for teaching me a vicarious lesson.

Angela said...

You might try putting a paper towel over it and ironing it with a dry iron (no steam) I don't know if it would help but can't hurt to try.

Thanks for sharing all of your lessons learn, I have learned some of the same lessons but not all. Sometimes as annoying as they can be I think learning these things can be a great thing because they can lead you to try different things that you might not have thought of before.

I do agree with Any Smith on the EZ-Felt, I have used it a lot on this project and some other projects because it already is colored and fairly cheap.

One word about paint if you use acrylic you may want to thin it a bit or use a fabric medium with it, on occaion it can make it harder to get your needle through. I have only done it once it an it might have been a fluke so you may want to experiment to find out.


JoTee said...

Hey Try this, rubber stamp ink then sprinkle some "embossing powder on it", then use your heat tool lightly over it to see if it will emboss. It should I would think, just don't get the timtex too hot...let us know :-) if this works.

CC said...

Aloha to all!
Thanks for all your help! I ended up throwing out the piece I had & cut out another one. Since I have 5 yards of Timtex I figured that little bit could go! The next piece I painted with my Lumieres like August & it worked great!
I think it's so interesting how much we are learning! Not just about techniques, but about time management & personal issues! What an incredible project this has been so far! Glad to be on the journey with you all!
P.S. Haven't tried that Fun Felt stuff since I have so much Timtex. But if I ever run out, who knows?! Is it like regular felt? I've never even seen it. :)