Friday, September 28, 2007

School's started and I'm DONE!!!

Yahoo! I was a little worried about this piece! There are so many memories for me that have to do with September. Including my parents' birthdays, 9-11, school starting, quitting smoking, etc. Being a WYSIWYG, I wear my heart on my sleeve & am direct in what I say & do. So it was hard to work improvisationally on this piece. But once all my BJP helpers let me know it was OK, I started to play with the piece. And now it's done! Whew! Here's a pic:

Like I said, no hidden agendas with me! :)

Also, every month I've been collecting/making little danglies that will go on these pieces once they are mounted on boards. Here's a pic of some of the shells, milagros, old earrings, etc that may find their way onto a particular piece:

I really enjoyed making that snowflake! I've done off-loom beading alot more than beaded embroidery, so it was fun to find the instructions for this & take a break & make one! Woo hoo!


Robin said...

Being a WYSIWYG person myself, I understand... Bravo that you did it!!! Aren't you pleased as punch? It's delightful and with all the wonderful dangles, it will just clamour for attention!

JoTee said...

ooohhh I just love how bright the colors are, this piece jumps right out & grabs your heart strings. Lovely!!!

artandtea said...

What a beautifully vibrant piece! I love all of the textural elements. Well done! -Karen

ACey said...

Great job. I think this project is helping us all grow creatively and I like to imagine we'll all be more comfortable and comfortable with *whatever* we produce as a result.

freebird said...

I just figured out what WYSIWYG is!! It's me! LOL. You did a great job. I love your bright apple page.

KV said...

Love it, CC -- always knew it would turn out spectacularly!

Kathy V in NM