Friday, April 10, 2009

EDM 019-Draw Something You Made I can't follow things in order!!! I just finished EDM challenge #4, but didn't feel like doing the next one. So I picked out one I wanted to do which was this one below:
I didn't realize that it would be harder to draw all those beads than it was to bead the project!!! But it something to keep in mind in the future! ;)
Above is a close up of the sketch without all the journaling.
And above here are some samples bits I did to see what process I liked doing the best. I guess it all depends on what I'm working on! I like whatever gives me the effect I want. I'm also reverting to my regular brushes 'cuz I'm still having problems with my waterbrush. I think I just got a lemon!!!


Ann said...

Lovely journal spread! Nice to see you back at edm :)

Anonymous said...

You captured your beadwork really well! I like your work! Are you Hawaiian? I'm Hawaiian/Chinese/French and used to live in Makaha! For almost 10 years. I'm really a mainland girl though... born and raised here in Cali. I love my Hawaiian culture though!
A hui hou

JoTee said...

I love your artwork...yours truly has done some "doodling" lately, need to get them made into cards...time, just takes time...which seems to get away from me more now than ever...huggies