Saturday, April 25, 2009

March BJP Rune - Man

OK...before anyone says anything, I chose my beads & colors WAY before I knew the meaning of each of the runes!!! I NEVER would've picked these colors for this particular rune if I had only known!!! But that said, here is the basic meaning of the Man Rune for March.
The Man Rune is an extremely old symbol found in variations in most cultures. It is the inversion of the woman's V symbol. The Germanic sign is victory, the Anglo-Saxon, Kaen, means to open, & the Nordic sign, called Tac, represents facing down the enemy. The bottom line is defensive action. It's time to defend your own interests. (Perfect timing for me in alot of ways!)
This rune is about action, energy, effort, confrontation, aggression & force. This rune represents a time of rapid changes & situations. Be be prepared to be bold!
The stone for the month is aquamarine, & this was the closest I had to it. Used it for the background, with a complementary shade of peach for the symbol itself.
As always, info on these runes comes from "A Witch's Runes" by Susan Sheppard


Anonymous said...

This looks great! I'm really enjoying your rune series and love the learning that goes along with them!

Marty S said...

Lovely work. It's always so interesting to read about the meaning of the runes. I enjoyed other posts on your blog, too. The Earth Day tags are great!
Marty S
Crackpot Beader

pam T said...

I love your rune for March! It's always so interesting to read your explanation behind the beading. Love your leaf prints too, and your fabric stash, and....
You seem a very busy lady!
Great job on the BJP page!

CC said...

Hi all!
Glad you liked the rune & the learning...I just couldn't believe those colors! Ack!
Seems like people like the leaf print pal wants a set, but she said she needs ALL the herbs! Well, I guess I better get to planting! ;)
It has been a busy time, but fun!

freebird said...

This is such an interesting take on a journal theme. Each one has been so interesting. It'd be neat to have one of those hardbound books made with pictures of your beaded work and the meanings in it.

CC said...

Hi, Freebird!
I think I'm gonna make them into actual runes to put in a bag! Maybe stitch 'em on some Timtex! What do ya think? ;)