Saturday, April 25, 2009

Watercolor Pencil Travel Kit

Getting ready to do some travel & needed to decide on some things to bring with me in my backpack. So one day I made a chart of 31 watercolor pencils, plus some gouache, & then saw what else I could fit in this little pouch. I was amazed that all the pencils fit, let alone my water brush, pen, pencil, eraser, rag, etc!!! Now, on the next page of my moleskine, I'm gonna do a chart of about the same amount of regular colored pencils to fit in a different pouch. Two pouches & a moleskine should be enough for me!


JoTee said...

I love this little pouch with all the goodies in it, but I have to ask what is the "beaded needle" for?
Yours truly has a square basket like case for paper, paints, etc.
My problem is I want to take everything with me, like bead work, book to read, watercolors, etc.
Have to learn to simplify the whole traveling art supply.

CC said...

I know, me too! I want to take my whole studio with me! ;) I sent you the info on what the beading needle is for! :)