Sunday, April 26, 2009


Hi all!

Just wanted to warn you I added a Jimmy Buffett Playlist to my blog! If you are a Parrothead, turn up the speakers!!! If not, well then, turn them down, or go to the bottom of the front blog page & pause it! Just wanted the option for myself! Gotta have my happy music!

Fins to the left!

See you in Margaritaville!

It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere...hey, it's always 5 o'clock here!

Oh, and you can pick different songs down there too! Have a fun week!


Pursuing Art... said...

Hi CC...thanks for taking the time to swing by and say hi and for your sweet comments.

Your man rune is wonderful! It's interesting that each symbol has so much meaning...and I'm glad you share it. You cracked me up over the color choices, lol! Have you decided how you are going to finish your pieces yet?

Love your Earth Day tags...they are great and it must have been fun to do! Looks like you guys are harvesting and enjoying some great looking vegetables from your garden. We are just hoping to get our garden in...maybe next DH is expanding ours. Oh man, can't wait for a fresh tomato and everything else! I live in Oregon, and the sun hasn't decided to stick around for good yet and it's suppose to rain this weekend! Do you get to have a garden all year living on the island? How *LUCKY* to live in Hawaii!

Beautiful fabric too from your friend. It's great that you all share and trade!

About the heart too, I did the butterfly, rose, and this year the heart. It seems that Jeanette usually posts what the theme will be some time after June...after the quilts are auctioned at the B&B show. I just swing by occasionally to see if she has posted the new theme. If I notice that she has...I will give you a holler!

Take good care of yourself and have a nice weekend! Love Jimmy Buffet's almost 5 o'clock here!
~Lisa ;-)

CC said...

Hi, Lisa!
Glad you got a giggle over the colors on that rune! (Blush!)
I grew up in Seattle, so I know what it's like waiting for the sun! It's probably why I became a Parrothead! ;)
Do give me a holler if I don't remember to check about Jeanette's quilts!
Have a fun weekend!
Warmest aloha,

Azlina Abdul said...

Way to go sweetie! You got your favorite list of songs added in your blog. Nice tunes :)

CC said...

Hi, Lin! Now I just have to get another playlist so I can switch 'em around! ;)

JoTee said...

I love Jimmy Buffet to, have 2 CD's, guess I need more as I am always playing these two.

JoTee said...

Could you send me a link to Lisa's blog, I would like to follow it....thanks

CC said...

JO! Only 2 JB CDs??? Yes, you need more!!! ;D