Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

So what do artists do on Earth day when their DH's are in the garden? Well, this one went out to the garden, got a couple different leaves, & made leaf prints for the swap with my pal. You can see them above.
Here's a couple close ups:
I found out that cucumber leaves are very fuzzy on the undersides!
Makes a very different kind of print!
And finally, Earth Day wishes on the back!

Hope you all had a wonderful Earth day!


Womankind said...

I LOVE the garden tags! Want to swap for some milagros? I need all the herbs :-)

big hugs,

CC said...

Hey Nancy! Been reading your blog! Ron even did...can you believe it? Anyway, he said it looks beautiful there.
The tags are for a tag book, but I guess you could use 'em as garden tags! ;) Now I just have to grow all the herbs!
Aloha, Ciao & Brazos!

JoTee said...

The garden tags are darling, what a great idea.

Okay you have to share Womankind Blog.

CC said...

Hi, Jo! I sent you an email with the info you requested!

freebird said...

Very nice tags. Definitely fitting to Earth Day.

CC said...

Thanks, Freebird! :)