Saturday, April 25, 2009

Quick Notes

Every year in Hawaii, there is a special festival/competition called the Merrie Monarch Festival. You can see some info about it here. It is a time where hula halaus come from around the world to compete. Some ancient dances, some more modern. It goes on for days.
So I decided to watch it again this year...mostly to see the ancient dances & costumes. I kept my "idea sketchbook" next to me with a pen & some colored pencils. I made some quick doodles of colors, words, stories, meanings, etc. This was just a quick exercise, 'cuz I really wanted to experience the dances & chants. Here's a few pages from my fave "keep it with me for everything" idea sketchbook! It will give me some immediate impressions of color, placement, texture, etc. Sometimes all you need is a line or two to remind you!


freebird said...

More than quick notes, you've made a nice journal entry.

CC said...

They really were just quick jots of the pen/pencil! I was so entranced with the dance!