Friday, May 22, 2009

April BJP - Woman Rune

So I'm still trying to catch up...but as you know from the pics about our move, it may take some time! Anyway, above is April's rune...Woman. This rune signifies shining power & gentle action. By offering our compassion for others, we actually gain strength. This ancient rune is also found on the Egyptians' Doorway to Isis, which they believed led us to the infinite...all life called into being, as well as departure. The branching V is a universal idea which corresponds to the Finnish rune for Ilmater, meaning "water mother". It also was symbolic for the Virgin Mother among Germanic people. Other groups associate this symbol with the magic wand.
The branching V reminds us of the branches of our family tree...reaching back to extended families & generations. Also the branching of the creative imagination, centered & flowering outward. This is the female line, friendship, giving birth, home & protection...everything that is female in nature. It's also stands for nurturers & healers, which can also be men, if they can tap into this. This rune tells us there is an energy present in our lives to soothe & make right whatever is wounded or unresolved. Don't expect fast actions, but others will be receptive to your plans. This is a time of healing, rejuvenation & finding a niche where you can be yourself, where things flourish in a natural way. It can also suggest pregnancy, or the beginning of a new project. It also stands for the wisdom of women, & the witch's magic wand, healer, psychic & women of mystery. Look for fertility in some form when you pick this rune...whether a dwelling place, garden, land, or nurturing center of some kind!
The traditional birthstone of the month is Crystal or Diamond, so I used the beads I had that were closest to that for the background. I also used matte black beads for the actual rune symbol. Black contains all colors, & reminds me of the Goddess who watches over us all.
Again, all the information gathered above comes from "A Witch's Runes", by Susan Sheppard.
Note: I'm finding these runes to be interesting in light of the recent accusations of children in Africa being tortured because they are believed to be "witches". I am saddened by the abuse that is happening to them in the name of religion. If we could educate people into the true history of so called "witches", maybe these innocent children would never be abused again!


Robin said...

Hi CC! I love learning about this symbol, which is new to me. It seems just perfect in all of its meanings. I love the crystal and matte black combination... very striking! Also, I've just read back through many of your posts, catching up on your move news and your creativity. Wow, lots going on for you. I remember how it felt after living (as a single woman) in my home in Seattle of 24 years and having to lighten my load by about 75% to move to my new home with Robert. Oh, the agony and ecstasy of it! Generally, I haven't missed anything, except possibly a book or two. Good luck with finding a new home! Robin A.

CC said...

Hi, Robin!
I was wondering what people would think considering what's been happening lately! It is a nice symbol...I really like the openness of it feels like someone reaching out for a hug!
Yep, lots going on here in getting RT leave! I'd moved 5 Xs in 2 years before I came here, so had dumped a bunch of stuff. Always more to go tho' all of Ron's things! ;) He's sentimental & it's hard for him to let go of "things"! ;)
Thanks for the wishes!
Warmest aloha,

freebird said...

I think the whole thing about the kids and witchcraft is money. As they say the love of money can lead to evil and it seems it has. To hurt the children like this is terrible. Education is key to stopping it but in Africa there are so many problems I think it will be a long time before people stop listening to these pseudo preachers. Jesus preached love and kindness. He healed people without hurting them. Everything these preachers are doing is wrong, wrong, wrong! I think of the beatles song written by George, Imagine; that's how I feel.

I like your story about all the meanings of this rune. Can't wait to hear the next one.

CC said...

Hi, freebird!
I totally of my mainland friends tells me "it's all about greed"! I wish it weren't true, but sometimes he's right. I think he is in this case.
I think "Imagine" was written by John Lennon...also killed too early. So let's move on imagining peace!!!
Warmest aloha,