Friday, May 22, 2009

Swaps! Not to be forgotten!!!

OK...finally got some pics of swaps with my neighbor pal!!! These first 2 pics were from swaps a few weeks back...these are what she swapped to me!! Gotta love those little "Round Tuit" pieces! And the lovely little cane pieces. May have to use one of them on a new WIP!

This is this week's swap! We do whatever we feel like, so this week she made me these 2 sparkly ATCs! They are more magic in person! Gotta love glitter, but it can be hard to photograph for me!
And since I'm doing this certain WIP, I made her the 2 charms you can see below:
Kept 2 for myself for my WIP!


freebird said...

You are gonna miss your neighbor swap friend.

CC said...

Yep...I'm gonna miss all my pals on island!!!