Friday, May 15, 2009

Follow the Red Dirt Road!

In February we finally got our life map finished. You can see it above. For those of you who haven't heard, we are leaving The Garden Isle for the Land of Enchantment! Pretty much Oz to me! Yahoo! We plan on just heading out to some temporary housing in Albuquerque until we find our home. We have been looking online for a long time, & decided, instead of wasting a "house-hunting trip", we'd just go & look for ourselves! We plan on being in New Mexico by August!
Below you can see some of the things we've been donating...or giving away to pals. There's still alot to go, but we want to get rid of as much "stuff" as we can so we don't have to ship it. A few of you may recognize that bed! LOL!
My DH has been busy as a bee packing every day!!! Bless him!!! This has allowed me to continue to create...and teach...and cry...I will miss this home of ours! But we are ready for this new adventure!
More books to give away!!! They weigh so much to ship!
And there goes the truck with another load to donate! The house is getting emptier every day!
And lastly is our little dream catcher we keep outside of our bedroom. It reminds me that all of our good dreams will come true!
Wish us well on our journey! I will be changing over my email to my gmail account. So if you don't get me here on The Garden Isle, you can catch me out in cyber space before we land in The Land of Enchantment. My gmail account is:
Happy trails to us!!!


JoTee said...

The Land of Enchantment is waiting for you both.

You two really have been busy, moving is no fun, but I know the end result is for the best for you both, especially your health CC.

Hugs Jody & Terry

Grace to You said...

Best wishes to you on the mainland!!

CC said...

Thanks to both of you for all your support! I know it will be good for both of us!
Warmest aloha,

freebird said...

Wow. I didn't know you were moving! From paradise to hell huh? Just kidding but it looks like you'll be hitting New Mexico in timefor the hottest part of the year. You won't be used to the dryness so expect to want lots of salty food and do make sure you drink more than you think you'll need. It's a real change.

CC said...

Hi, freebird!
I guess "paradise" is in our minds! My idea of paradise is being able to breathe & move! :) The humidity is so bad here, & our side of the island is so hot, I actually can't wait to get to NM & those high desert evenings! I have visited there several times, & am hoping to find a place more actually smell a forest again! Ahhhh....! I'm ready for the change, & will take your advice about fluids! Last time I flew to Alb, & then took the bus to Santa Fe, I got an awful altitude headache! Auwe! (Hawaiian lament!)
Warmest aloha,