Friday, May 22, 2009

Don't tell my DOCTOR!!! Please!!!

For those of you who don't know, there are many variety of bananas, alot of which grow on Hawaii. Some are not as sweet as those on the mainland, and are sometimes fried. Well, we haven't had fried foods in SO LONG!!! But now that we're leaving, we want to try everything! My Sweetie Pal in Malaysia taught us how we could fry up some "banana fritters"! You can see her greeting card site here! She has other sites, but this one can get you started. SO...above you slice your starchy kine bananas.
Then you get your oil hot...well, your DH does that since you are a chicken! You dip the bananas in a combination of flour, body temp water & a pinch of salt, then fry them in the hot oil. (And if you are MY DH, you also cut up some onions to fry up afterward!) :)
Once they are done & nicely browned, you can either let them drain, or you can dip them in some sugar, or sugar & cinnamon. Here's some below:
I personally like them dipped in sugar & cinnamon!!! However, my DH really enjoyed the first ever fried onion rings he's ever made, as you can see below!

But please don't tell our doctors! Really...we haven't ever done this before! LOL!


Grace to You said...

Oh my goodness, does that look delicious. I've lost 10 pounds recently....must.not.fry! :D

Azlina Abdul said...

OH MY GOSH!!! Yay!!! You guys tried to do the banana fritters at last!! And they look so delicious here with the sugar and cinnamon! Way to go!!!

CC said...

Nope...don't fry! This was a once in every 10 years event! ;) But I'm so happy we did it!
Thanks so much, Lin, for the help! It worked!!! And they were so yummy!!!
Warmest aloha,