Saturday, May 2, 2009

Blogoversary Give Away!

Hi, all! Remember these little critters??? Well, it's almost my Blogoversary & I found out that some bloggers have give-aways on those days. Well, I couldn't think of what to give away! Something I made? Something I designed? I had no clue day someone asked me if I would give them some of my patterns for the Tin Folk (goddess dolls) that I made to fit in Altoid tins. Well, now...that sounded like a good idea! I had already researched a bunch of goddess forms, sketched versions of them, including a pecked owl goddess petroglyph form, and had mounted them on board for myself. But if I could let someone use the same patterns for personal use, why not? Plus it would help recycle all those old tins! You could make a goddess, or in my case, Tin Folk, & use the tin as a home for the doll, or gift box! Also, these are small enough that you could use the patterns to make ornaments & then use the tins as keepsake boxes. How you would decorate the tins would be up to you. Blogoversary is May 24th! That's like almost 3 weeks from now. I will have to retrace the forms onto a sheet to make a pattern, but I think I could get it done in that time. (What's adding one more thing to the list?) ;)
Here's the deal...if anyone wants a copy of a FEW of my patterns for wee dolls that will fit in an Altoid tin, I will email you a copy of the sheet of patterns. You may use these for your personal use, or for pin money, but please to not sell, or give away, my patterns. Hopefully you will be able to use them as gifts, and help our planet by recycling those tins!!! This offer is only good until my Blogoversary, & after I have created the page to email you! I hope that's clearer than mud! :)
So leave a comment, or email me (I will need your email to send the sheet) that you would like the patterns, & I will send them to you as soon as I can. Happy Blogoversary to me!!! Enjoy!


JoTee said...

I just love these, pattern please...hugs

CC said...

It will be on it's way asa I get it done! ;)

Diane Lithgow said...

I would just love these patterns. I have a bunch of altoid and other mint tins from my visits to usa and don't know what to do with them. i love your wee doll and have been trying to create one myself. I have posted my first attempt on my blog
diane lithgow
New Zealand

Diane Lithgow said...

I would love to have these little dolls patterns. I have plenty of altoid and other mint tins from my visits to usa. I have been trying to make my own little goddess doll this year and he is on my blog - he is a god really. I think they are so wonderful I want to make more but my shapes don't turn out very well.
Diane Lithgow
New Zealand.

CC said...

Hi, Diane!
I got both your posts & your email! So I will be sure to send you the patterns. I have to get them into some kind of Word doc that I can email to folks! So hang in there & I'll get 'em to you!
Warmest aloha,

matilda said...

un give away e non lo sapevo?E'tuo? sono ancora in tempo per partecipare? un forte abbraccio, matilda

give away and I did not know it?it is yours? am I still in time in order to participate? a warm embrace, matilda

CC said...

Ciao, Matilda!
Your patterns will come on my Blogversary! And yes, they are my designs after studying goddess shapes from over the years! Even one petroglyph owl goddess!
Warmest aloha,