Friday, May 29, 2009

Twisty Lei for Lauhala Hat

When I first got here, I went to the local farmers' market in Kekaha. There was a little Filipino man there who made lauhala hats. I tried them on, but they were WAY too small. I have a big head, no pun intended! :) Anyway, he told me if I came back the following week, he'd make one for my big head. And he did! A REALLY big one!! Mind you, these hats are alot of work! All that weaving! And I don't know if he even prepped his own leaves! Yikes!
So this last week, with all the crocheting going on, I decided to crochet what's called a "Twisty Lei" to put around my hat. It's a combo of rattail & fluffy kine yarn. I think it fits the hat well. I've learned so many things here on Kaua'i...wait until you see my feather leis!!! LOL!! (That's a joke 'cuz some of us take years to finish just ONE!)


JoTee said...

Hey CC, I love the hat & your lovely trim that you made. You will enjoy wearing it there & here in NM.

Wow look at the boxes that Angel has piled high.

Moving is a BIG deal, but I think it is also a "cleansing" experience,
the drudges of packing, saying farewells & then onto the next journey of "where" will I unpack, looking for the silverware, bedding, yikes where is this or that, bit of confusion/frustration added in.

BUT that FIRST morning that you wakeup in your NEW home, no matter where it is you will be in for a "very special treat" when you look out the window.............I will never forget a morning just like that.

Love & Hugs

CC said...

Thanks JoTee! I think the crochet bug has bit me! :)
One of my GFs on the mainland said that once we get in our home, opening boxes will be like Christmas! I just want to be there! :)
Warmest aloha,