Friday, June 19, 2009

Bon Voyage Pin Cushion

In case you didn't guess what this is in one of the last updates, it's a Bon Voyage Pincushion for a pal of mine here! She's the one who's been making clothes for me...she just knows I'm gonna have to wear something on the mainland! :) I had hand copied an old pattern a long time ago, & decided to try it out even tho' I haven't used crochet thread for a long time! I was gonna put Mahalo (Thank You) on it, but decided Aloha fit better. She liked it!
Anyway, the colors on the left are closer to true...still having trouble with figuring out lighting. Natural lighting seems to work best, but sometimes I get things really blurry. Who get the idea anyway!


JoTee said...

You overwhelm me with your patience.

CC said...

:D No way! If you asked my Sis in Seattle, she'd tell you patience is not one of our family virtues...but I am more patient than she is! LOL!