Friday, June 19, 2009

May BJP - Flight Rune

For this month of May, I wanted to post 2 pics 'cuz one shows the roughness of the dark red clay like beads. Still workin' on that photography!
Anyway, this rune explores the idea of birds as messengers leaving the spirit world for the world of matter, & returning with important news. It's a universal theme. Other meanings for this rune are transition, transforming news, communication from far away, glad tidings, messages of all kinds, (including phones, mail, spiritual, etc), intuitive connections, help for artists, creative energy, lifting of obstacles, etc. Now is the time to take flight & accept challenges, embrace change, face risks, etc. It stands for a time when you will overcome limitations & be free of obstacles. It signifies the kind of communication that changes your course of action, so watch for surprises in what you've already planned. Flight also can mean angelic guidance, counsel, or legal documents to sign. Time to fly!
The birthstone, used as the background for this month, is Emerald. This was the closest color I had to it. Then I used the contrasting dark red clayish beads for the symbol itself.
Again, all information comes from "A Witch's Runes", by Susan Sheppard.


pam T said...

very nice and seemingly so appropriate for your activities these days!

CC said...

:D You are so right!
Thanks, Pam!