Saturday, June 27, 2009

Experiment I Can't Resist!

I just couldn't resist this!! One of my fellow beaders on BJP is famous for her wonderful beaded trash to treasure creatures! You can see her blog here! I especially LOVE her May 2009 BJP called "Sprout" which you can see here! Scroll down about 1/3 of the page.
Anyway, I have no idea how she does it, but I decided to try! Ha! LOL! Below you can see the little critters I got at Habitat for Humanity. They were way at the bottom of the bin! Under all the big pretty stuffed buddies. So I picked 11, with my Honey's help, & we paid $1.00 for them all! Yahoo!
Now the first thing I do know she said you have to do is de-stuff these guys! Owee! Above you can also see me starting that process, & the tools I used.
Above is one of the guys ready to get washed! He looks so smooshed!
And here they all are happily hanging up to dry! I wanted clean critters to start with. So now I get to choose which one I'm going to restuff first with new, clean stuffing...and then begins the embellishing process! I wonder how they will turn out? I'd like to make one into a talisman for our new home...and my DH has a special one he wants for himself. I think we'll call his Jolly Mon!
Wish me luck!


JoTee said...

oboy I can wait to see what you do with these little darlings.....I love the Jolly Mon that sounds way cool.

CC said...

Tee will be interesting! Did you see Speedie Beadie's site? I want to try something like that.
Jolly Mon is a character in a Jimmy Buffett song & book. I think he will be our talisman of Joy in our new home!
Love you!