Friday, June 12, 2009

Moodling June 11th with the gall bladder issues, I really haven't felt like creating anything! So when a pal came over to go thru' some books, mags & things, I just looked at a magazine & doodled in my idea book that I carry with me everywhere. Just jotted some ideas down to remember for the future. Then I used a photo editing program to X out some personal phone numbers, so this ended up being a collage of sorts! Ha!!! LOL! Are you kidding??? Really stretching it here!!! Well, it's all I have to show for this week! Hopefully more for next week!
Happy creating & everyone stay well!!!


JoTee said...


CC said...

Thanks...just moodling! :)

matilda said...

waho sono proprio curiosa....
waoh I am own onlooker….

ciara said...

i like your thumb. haha

i love you!

oh, i want a charm! im going to send you some $$. pweeeese!

CC said...

Hi Ciara!
What are you doing on here? ;)
What kind of charm do you want? I just made a bunch more...on a roll!
I love you too, Sweetie!

CC said...

Hi, Matilda! So you are spying, huh? :) Maybe I'll go spy on your blog! :)

Ciao, Matilda! Così state spiando, huh? :) Forse I' il ll va spia sul vostro blog! :)
Warmest aloha!