Friday, June 12, 2009


Since this was gall bladder week, I need some filler for my blog! :) I forgot I hadn't posted the colored pencil kit decision I'd made for our travels back on 4/26. So above you can see the colors I decided to take in my pouch.
Below you can see the previous watercolor pencil choices to take on the left, & the colored pencil choices on the right. Now if I could only decide on my beading & sewing supplies! Is it possible to strap your studio to your back? Luckily my DH informed me we didn't just have to take our one piece of checked luggage when we move! I can take my backpack as carry on!!!! Yahoo! I have room! Forget the change of clothes...I need paper, pens, watercolors, beads, fabric, glue, etc...


JoTee said...

hmm you could package this & sell them, way cool.

CC said...

LOL! I don't think so! It's just my personal preferences!
Love you, Sis!