Saturday, June 6, 2009

Quick Sketch...Ha!

Here's a "quick sketch" I did for my nephew. It's funny 'cuz I don't do much of this anymore for other people. (No one, unless they're an artist, can understand what it takes to do a "quick sketch" for someone!) When I was an illustrator, people would try to tell me what they wanted, & I had to try to deduce what they meant by asking lots of questions! One time a client asked for a sketch of a "cute" kitty. Well, I drew one, & she didn't like it. She said she didn't want a "realistic" kitty! Ack! And then there's the people who can't describe what they want! So it's been nice not doing illustration anymore...I'll only do it for myself, my family, or VERY close friends if they REALLY need it...and I make them answer a bazillion questions!!! Not sure if he'll use this or not, but it's done! Whew!

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