Friday, June 19, 2009

It's so Charming!

I don't know why, but lately I've been making charms! At first I thought I'd put the charms, all hand made, on a charm bracelet. But some of these charms are getting too large! Go figure! Anyway, I decided that when we get settled in our new home, I'll put a chain around the edge of our home altar & hang all these charms on it! Now just something else to do with that bracelet!
The shell on the left is a paua shell. I used a hand drill that my DH made took over 700 cranks to carefully make that hole! I found out the hard way that if you go too fast or hard, it chips! Ack! Slow & steady. Didn't make many of these. Only one other for my swap buddy. She also got one like the one in the upper right.
The middle one is made with one of fabric beads I made. I guess it wasn't embellished enough, so I had to turn it into a sunny charm! On the reverse of the silver sun is the moon. These all have been a fun break...and a different use of my wrists!

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