Sunday, June 3, 2007

Birth of Art yesterday I decided to get going on the beading no matter how I felt. I chose a blue piece of beach glass that looked like a tiny wing, added a circle of blue beads around it & it looked like an eye, encased it with peyote & it looked like a fat goddess, added a couple lines across & it looked like a baby bootie, added a tail 'cuz I wanted a now it looks like a swimming sperm!!! Hence, the Birth of Art! :)

I've decided to only post once a week as I have other projects to work on & want to include some of those, but I want to say hello to all who've commented here, & hopefully I'll be able to somehow figure out how to email you all individually!

With aloha!


Lin said...

Hi CC!
Looks pretty neat! I love blues..any shades will be great!! You have a great idea going there and I can't wait to see the end result! All the best sweetie!!

JoTee said...

I just love the colors & the heart is cool...yours truly has started but with working, going to the big city tomorrow...time is flying by...but hopefully Saturday I can spend lots more time with my project, for now no hints...soon you will see...what I still don't really know. Hugs

CC said...

Thanks Lin, and Jody! I want hints tho'! I'm deciding if I want to put the heart on a wall quilt, canvas panel, or what. It will all come along!

JoTee said...

okay you asked about the backing for my beading project, well I think I started out with "sheeting" & then used some of the paper that Robin supplied with my book...will probably use something completely different for the next so undecided & new at all of this...hugs JoTee

Doe Grozs Art said...

Yeah!!! CC has a blog!!! Hey, you'll get the hang of it in no time. Have fun with your project.
Big Warm Hug!

CC said...

Hi, Doreen!
Thanks for checkin' in on me...but I'm not sure I'm getting the hang of it in NO TIME! :)'s all fun!