Saturday, June 2, 2007

Picture and Learning

Ack! I sure wish I already knew how to do all this blog stuff. Just spent alot of time figuring out how to archive pages. I think the old help isn't all set up with the new blogger. So I just did it intuitively & it worked! Whew!

So, here's the pic I was gonna include in my last post but didn't have the space. This is the start of my June BJP. I pulled out some beads & things...some of which I may use, but who knows! I may decide to use some other things along the way. But for now, I'm starting here...blessed bead! :)


Tally said...

I like you joyful attempt and I like to be in such an interesting international group.
I looked up your island. What a beautiful place to live! Your picture of the mountains is beautiful.
Hello from Hamburg

CC said...

Hi, Tally!
Not sure how to answer comments, so I'm trying to in the comment section. Thank you for your comments about joy & our island. It is beautiful & I am blessed! I've been to parts of Germany & you have a beautiful country too!
Aloha from Kauai!

Tally said...

Perfect way to answer my comment :-)