Saturday, June 16, 2007

The gods must be crazy!

Aloha, all! Well, this beading thing sure has entered my subconscious! I had a dream last night that "the gods" were after me, & I had to keep creating beautiful beaded pieces to keep them off! Yikes!!! So here are a couple pics of the June piece's progress for the week!
And later... I'm not sure where this is all going, or if I will attach this to canvas, canvas panels, more fabric or leave them as is. We'll see what happens next!


SueU said...

I like the heart shape, very unique, I haven't seen anyone working on that shape yet. Your dolls are wonderful, the more I look at all the different kinds of dolls that are being made the more I think I should give that a try too...... but I know there are not enough hours in the day to accomplish everything so will stick with art quilts, BJP knitting and work of course.

CC said...

Hi, SueU! I like the heart motif too, but not sure I'm gonna keep it for each month. Still working on how I want to finish them. Dolls are fun, but I don't want to do them all the time. Like you, I've narrowed my techniques & materials down for the time being...but who knows what will happen in the future!
Blessings, CC

Lois B said...

Your work is really wonderful. And I love watching this piece grow.

CC said...

Aloha, Lois B! Thanks for the compliment. It's growing even more! Today it went 2 stories! :) Stacks appeared out of nowhere! ;) Who knew?

Lillian said...

Hi CC,

I love the heart shape and the bold colors :o) How fun to live in Hawaii :o) I lived there a short while and enjoyed a wonderful cross-stitch store there on Oahu (can't remember the name) Thanks for sharing,

Lillian in WA

CC said...

Aloha, Lillian! So you're back in my home state? Wow! And after living in HI! Yikes! How do you like living there? As for the beading, well, it's got me laughing! So that improvisational stuff must help! ;D I don't know any stores on Oahu...we rarely even leave our side of Kauai! Polynesian paralysis for me! Happy beading! Blessings, CC

Anonymous said...

Hi CC - I just love everything you've posted - the dolls above, too! I'm sad to hear you don't leave Kauai much (well, I don't leave Oahu much either - only to visit family in northern Indiana). But if you do visit Oahu I hope we could have lunch!
Best wishes - Nancy

CC said...

Hi, NancyC! Glad you like my stuff! No, we don't leave Kauai, not even when they had those $19.00 special fares! :) I travelled ALOT when I was younger, so I really enjoy staying home now. Plus, I have my little studio where I can play all day! But if we do ever make it to Oahu, I'll try to figure out how to get in touch with you! :) Blessings, CC

LJ said...

I love the "see what happens next" part. Looks like you're off to a roaring start.

freebird said...

Well, the royal sperm seems to have morphed! It is looking very nice. Isn't this fun- both the work and watching how everyone is doing? Enjoy your island- we've been 95 to 105 degrees for 5 days now!

CC said...

Yikes! Freebird! 105? I hope you can get cool somehow! It's impossible to sleep when it's that hot! And the regal sperm has gone to a new level!
LJ, the improvisational thing is pretty new to me, so it's all up in the air! That is fun!

Lillian said...

Hi CC,

I love Washington! Riding the ferry is one of our favorites :o)

Sending aloha your way, Lillian