Saturday, June 16, 2007

Metal & Fiber Talisman

Another swap I was in was called Magical Talismans, & we were the Metal Queens. We were to combine metal with fibers. This project was really out of my comfort zone as I'd never worked with metal before. I had experiments all over the house! I used everything from salt & vinegar, to Miracle Grow, to toilet bowl cleaner to try to get a verdigris look. (I stopped at using urine, although other artists swear it works!) Here is my effort for the swap.

I really need to figure out how to take better pics! But these will have to suffice for now!


Doe Grozs Art said...

I LOVE my panel. In my living room on a special shelf. One would never guess it was out of your "comfort zone".
The beading is looking great!

CC said...

Hi, Doreen! Yep...way out of my comfort zone! The only metal I'd worked with before was sterling silver wire in jewelry! But I'm glad you like your panel. I love mine, but still can't find the best way to display them all. The little hinges didn't work. AND... the beading took a new turn yesterday...UP! I laughed when I started it! :D Hugs, CC

Anonymous said...

Hi CC - what an amazing and cool piece! When you say it's a trade that doesn't mean you have to give it away, does it - I don't think I could part with that piece! Metal embossing is yet another direction I'd like to travel (and polymer clay, and papermaking, and collage, etc). I'm sorry I don't have a Bead Journal blog yet - at the rate I'm going probably not until September!
Warmest Beady Wishes - NancyC

CC said...

Hi, NancyC! In the swap we made one for each participant, including ourselves, plus one for possible submission. So I got to keep one, plus got one each of the other wonderful pieces of art from the other participants! It's so fun getting art in the mail! And, like you, I like to try alot of different mediums, but I'm started to narrow down my focus a bit! :) Blessings! CC

LJ said...

That's the fun part though, isn't it?
Being over your head, out of the comfort zone? It's SO exciting! And your piece turned out beautifully!

Dotee said...

Thankyou so much for the lovely comment you left on my blog!
Tought I would pop over and say hi to you.

I love this!

freebird said...

Very nice. If that is what happens when you are out of your comfort zone perhaps you should leave it more often! It really is nice.

CC said...

Hey all! Thanks for the input & the compliments.
LJ, I'm glad you liked the piece, but not sure it was the most fun I've ever had! ;D But I did learn alot! And knowledge is great!
Dotee, wow! Glad you liked it too!
Freebird, well, leave my comfort zone? Hmmm...again? :D
Thanks to all who emailed me too!
Blessings, CC