Friday, June 8, 2007

Misc Arts and Crafts's some more...when I finish beading projects, I keep all the extra beads & put them in a "bead soup". Then at night, watching TV, I make square stitch cuff bracelets...I call 'em my "Zen Bracelets" 'cuz I don't concentrate...I just zen out & add a bead. It's one of my active meditations! :) So here's one of them I just finished:'s a couple pics of some of the off loom beading I've done:

Some of my work is very precise, others are totally using that bead soup! :)

I've also done some knotless netting that I've combined with beads. This is a personal joy, and only done for special pals!

And some macrame with beautiful beads & faces! I believe this face is by Laura Mears. She makes incredible porcelain pendants. If I remember right, this face was Water element.

So...that's enough for one day! I hope this all posts well!

Have a great weekend. Here in Hawaii we get a 3 day weekend. Monday is King Kamehameha Day here...the original celebration was June 11th, but this makes for a nice weekend!

With aloha & blessings to all!


Lin said...

Lovely!! Love the bracelet idea..and the small beaded bags with the long strings are beautiful! :)

Mary Timme said...

I've done some macrame and like that a lot. You are doing some nice work.

Anonymous said...

Your work is gorgeous. The macrame piece is my favorite. I haven't done any macrame in many moons and this makes me want to try it again.

CC said...

Mahalo nui loa! Thank you very much for all your nice comments! I'm glad I may have ispired someone to make something! Especially after many moons! :D