Saturday, June 16, 2007

A couple art dolls

So some of my pals wanted to see more of the things I've made recently. This post is for that!
This doll was a gift I made for a pal. I saw the idea on TV, & kinda went off in my own direction! :)

She's a mirror on this side, and a doll on the other side!

This next doll I learned how to do in an online Joggles class with Mai-Liis Peacock. She is a very patient & generous teacher!


Mary Tafoya said...

Hi Jody! In in ABQ... saw the link to your blog on the BJP Yahoo Group. I love your dolls! --Mary

CC said...

Thanks Mary, but I'm not Jody. I'm CC! ;) Glad you like my dolls. Have you seen Jody's?
With aloha,

Anonymous said...

I love the doll you made! And, thank you for providing a link back to me. I hope to teach a mermaid class for Joggles beginning the first of August. It will probably be my last wrapped doll class as I am going on to new things. Mai-Liis