Friday, June 29, 2007

Done as I can be Until my Dick Blick order gets here

Happy Friday all! I was hoping my order would be here so I would know how I was gonna mount this piece, & how long the danglies would be. But, alas, shipping to Hawaii is always an interesting journey! So I will have to show you where I am now. My main focal piece for June is done. I will have to show you how it finishes up at a later date! So here we go! Could I stop at just the red border? NO! Ta da! It flounces & dances now! :)

With just red border

Finished with Flounces!

For Azlina's Mom

OK...this is just for Azlina's mom! She wanted to see some "real" art stuff. All I have on the computer right now are some old colored pencil paintings I did years ago. If I get a chance, in the next millenium, I'll try to get some new paintings on here! ;)

Friday, June 22, 2007

Friday June 22nd BJP Update

Okey dokey...first it went up, then I filled in the background. Now I just have to figure out what edging and danglies I want! Eventually each month will either be attached to canvas board or attached to a small quilt. I've decided I want words somewhere because as I work on this piece, I am reminded of so many JUNE in the grass, lightning bugs, flowers, sun, etc. I just feel like a kid who got let out of school! Summer's here! Yahoo! So here's the latest pics.
The first one you can really see the grass & the lightning bugs...can't you? ;) Also, that little bit of royalness ended up being my niece "goddessdaughter's" 21st birthday! It all makes sense now. (I won't mention her name to protect her identity!) Ha! Happy Birthday HRP! Your Royal Auntie, HRH CC

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Metal & Fiber Talisman

Another swap I was in was called Magical Talismans, & we were the Metal Queens. We were to combine metal with fibers. This project was really out of my comfort zone as I'd never worked with metal before. I had experiments all over the house! I used everything from salt & vinegar, to Miracle Grow, to toilet bowl cleaner to try to get a verdigris look. (I stopped at using urine, although other artists swear it works!) Here is my effort for the swap.

I really need to figure out how to take better pics! But these will have to suffice for now!

A couple art dolls

So some of my pals wanted to see more of the things I've made recently. This post is for that!
This doll was a gift I made for a pal. I saw the idea on TV, & kinda went off in my own direction! :)

She's a mirror on this side, and a doll on the other side!

This next doll I learned how to do in an online Joggles class with Mai-Liis Peacock. She is a very patient & generous teacher!

The gods must be crazy!

Aloha, all! Well, this beading thing sure has entered my subconscious! I had a dream last night that "the gods" were after me, & I had to keep creating beautiful beaded pieces to keep them off! Yikes!!! So here are a couple pics of the June piece's progress for the week!
And later... I'm not sure where this is all going, or if I will attach this to canvas, canvas panels, more fabric or leave them as is. We'll see what happens next!

Friday, June 8, 2007

BJP Friday Update

OK...I'm not sure what happened, but my birth sperm got very regal next! See pic:

Then I got some beads & sequins from my pal in Malaysia! I just had to add some of them. My dad loved flowers. And, to correct some dates I told some pals, I had an African Violet that bloomed from 10/04 until 1/05. It stopped blooming. Then on the day my dad died, 6/10/06, it bloomed! So I used some of her flower sequins & my violet beads to honor him. Thanks, Lin! Here's a pic so far:

Not sure where I'm going from here, but I know it will all be fine however it turns out!

Misc Arts and Crafts's some more...when I finish beading projects, I keep all the extra beads & put them in a "bead soup". Then at night, watching TV, I make square stitch cuff bracelets...I call 'em my "Zen Bracelets" 'cuz I don't concentrate...I just zen out & add a bead. It's one of my active meditations! :) So here's one of them I just finished:'s a couple pics of some of the off loom beading I've done:

Some of my work is very precise, others are totally using that bead soup! :)

I've also done some knotless netting that I've combined with beads. This is a personal joy, and only done for special pals!

And some macrame with beautiful beads & faces! I believe this face is by Laura Mears. She makes incredible porcelain pendants. If I remember right, this face was Water element.

So...that's enough for one day! I hope this all posts well!

Have a great weekend. Here in Hawaii we get a 3 day weekend. Monday is King Kamehameha Day here...the original celebration was June 11th, but this makes for a nice weekend!

With aloha & blessings to all!

Art Quilting

Today I want to try to post some of the other things I've done. This post includes a picture of a quilted art purse I made for my own work, and one I was commissioned to do. They take FOREVER!!! So I went on to other things...which will follow in newer posts!

At the top is a picture of the first purse I made for my own body of work.

To the right is a commissioned purse I did...showing opened.

Sure wish I could figure out all this editing! :)

Happy Friday!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Birth of Art yesterday I decided to get going on the beading no matter how I felt. I chose a blue piece of beach glass that looked like a tiny wing, added a circle of blue beads around it & it looked like an eye, encased it with peyote & it looked like a fat goddess, added a couple lines across & it looked like a baby bootie, added a tail 'cuz I wanted a now it looks like a swimming sperm!!! Hence, the Birth of Art! :)

I've decided to only post once a week as I have other projects to work on & want to include some of those, but I want to say hello to all who've commented here, & hopefully I'll be able to somehow figure out how to email you all individually!

With aloha!

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Picture and Learning

Ack! I sure wish I already knew how to do all this blog stuff. Just spent alot of time figuring out how to archive pages. I think the old help isn't all set up with the new blogger. So I just did it intuitively & it worked! Whew!

So, here's the pic I was gonna include in my last post but didn't have the space. This is the start of my June BJP. I pulled out some beads & things...some of which I may use, but who knows! I may decide to use some other things along the way. But for now, I'm starting here...blessed bead! :)

Here We Go

So it's Saturday & I'm 'sposed to be off to the races, but I have swollen glands & feel like crud. Poo. BUT, yesterday I did get started on the BJP. I had so many ideas running thru' my head. I'd decided on this one idea, then read the rules & FAQs & found out that each month had to be the same size! So I redid my idea, but just wasn't happy with it. So I got out all my beads, charms, threads, pearls, etc. & found my original idea. I'd even made a template for the main piece, so I learned a big lesson.

Then I did as Robin said & let go of all those years of training in color theory, composition, etc. & just let my inner child out to play. Well, I did that & picked all sorts of blues, greens, happy colors...and WHITE! Why white? I didn't care; I just picked it. Then this morning as I was journalling in my daily journal, I realized that June in the U.S. is a big month for weddings. And what do some brides wear? White! OK! I get it. Now if I can just keep playing & not listen to that inner critic! Sheesh!

So I'm starting with one heart a month. I will think about what that month means to me.'s out, summer starts, beaches, play, weddings, special birthdays, and even death. My Dad died June 10th of last year, so I'm sure he'll be in there somewhere.